Спа изкушения

Miracles happen where they believe in them

That’s a quote from a relatively famous Bulgarian blogger that I endorse absolutely. In my life many strange things have happened – many coincidences that actually got me (together with my conscious efforts) to where I am today. Part of my life – I have deserved and I have determined, but another – has been whatever it is, in what’s curious – it has almost always been in my favor. Sometimes the circumstances are fitting exactly the way I need them in order to achieve a certain goal. Sometimes they drag me off from something, and in time, it turns out, that was a much better thing to do.

That is one of the reasons for me to believe in miracles. This, of course, is not a miracle in the sense that most people are used to hear. Miracle for example is a sudden restore of health from a serious disease, as in the case of the model Iva Mehandjiiska, who managed to heal herself from cancer. The whole thing is a miracle, because she managed to find a medication most people don’t even know of. It is a venom from Blue Scorpion that allegedly manages to kill cancer formations. She wouldn’t have made it without the help of her friend Svetlio Kantardzhiev and Neogenesis Foundation, who supported her through her hard way and helped her get to her medication, which was in Cuba.

Mehandjiiska recently testified that she feels fine. Prior to the scorpion venom she tried chemo and other typical for the disease treatments, but none of them were as effective. If she didn’t find exactly that medication above, the prognosis about her wouldn’t have been good.  But she believed and had hope, which helped her pass through the difficulty. I hope she continues her life positive and confident about herself.

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